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How to become an unforgettable leader

“I remember all my superiors,” writes Jeff Hayden in Inc.com magazine. “Although some of them were useless bosses, most of them were still good. But only one turned out to be truly memorable – in the most positive sense of the word.”

Horizontal career: good or bad

Unforgettable managers have qualities that are difficult to document, but which always find their reflection where it matters most – in the hearts and minds of their employees.

8 qualities of truly unforgettable leaders

1. They believe in the impossible

Most people try to achieve what they can; that is why most of the goals and objectives are a logical continuation of the current state of affairs, but not at all incredible.

Unforgettable leaders expect more – both from themselves and from others. They not only show how to achieve high goals. But accompany you on this incredible path.

2. They see opportunities in instability and uncertainty.

Unexpected problems, unforeseen obstacles, serious crises … most of the leaders set sail and hope to wait out the storm.

Few people perceive crisis as an opportunity. But excellent managers know that it is difficult to introduce serious innovations, even if necessary, when everything is calm.

They know that reorganizing the same sales team is a lot easier when a large customer leaves them. They know that when a new serious competitor enters the market, it becomes much easier to find new sales channels. They know that it is much easier to reorganize production operations when chaos reigns in the factory.

Unforgettable leaders see instability and uncertainty not as a barrier, but an opportunity.

3. They are open to their emotions.

Good bosses are professionals. They are great professionals, but simple human emotions are not alien to them.

They are genuinely inspired when things are going well. They really appreciate the hard work and the extra effort. They rejoice, empathize and worry.

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In short, they are people. And, unlike many bosses, they act as if they know it.

How to go to the increase, while maintaining the relationship of colleagues

Professionals admire. And professionals who, nevertheless, remain people, inspire.

4. They protect others from external hazards.

Horrible managers do not insure their wards. The good ones never expose their employees and try to protect them from external threats.

Unforgettable managers are able to see potential threats ahead of time and move an employee away from a dangerous path.

5. They are not alien to the simple work.

The past is in the past. The only realistic measure of a person’s contribution to a common cause is what he does every day.

Therefore, regardless of what a person has achieved in the past, simple work is not alien to unforgettable leaders. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves or get dirty and lay the foundation for the future success of the whole team.

Why is vertical career more promising

Unforgettable leaders are valued not for their position, but for the fruits of their labor.

6. They lead not from a position of authority, but from a position of authority.

Every manager has a position. It is her name that gives them the formal right to lead others and make decisions.

Unforgettable managers manage their employees not from the position of position and power, but from the position of their authority. Employees are motivated and inspired not by the name of the position of the head, but by themselves.

With their words and actions, managers make it clear that employees work not for them, but with them. Many managers are not even aware of this difference, but the best try only to work.

7. They have higher goals.

A good boss works to achieve company goals. Excellent also works to achieve these goals. But he pursues higher goals: promoting and improving his employees, achieving some changes in society, trying to instill in employees a sense of pride and self-esteem.

They are remembered not only by achieving the goals set by the company, but also by a more personal or individual approach to their employees.

Excellent leaders set higher goals because they know that any business is built on human relationships.

8. They take real, not fake risks.

Many managers, like many people, try to stand out from the crowd. This desire may be manifested in clothing, interests, or other external manifestations. And they stand out, but the reason for this lies in the emotions and complexes.

Unforgettable leaders are distinguished by the fact that they are ready to take unpopular steps, to take a principled position, to go into a zone of discomfort, but not to maintain the status quo.

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