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IT to the rescue. How do businesses use modern technology?

In our world, where everything is directly related to technology, and most of the tasks are performed using computers, business simply cannot do without IT innovation. They will not only help to set up production processes, but also attract new customers. The problems of how companies should use the achievements of progress in their work were discussed during the business revolution “IT revolution: how business does not remain an outsider”, organized by Cisco on Thursday. We have collected for you the main points of this event.

What is happening in the market?
Today, business cannot exist without IT technology, which opens up new horizons. Nevertheless, according to Nikolai Zhandorov, director of B2B / B2G procurement department at Prom.ua, it is quite difficult for entrepreneurs to get on the Internet, start working there and reformat most of the processes that previously functioned. But such changes require time. If earlier experts said that the business model lives for three years, today this concept is not constant and everything, even the most reasonable plans, can be built no more than a year or even less. To keep up with events in the market, business needs IT.

An important element of the changes, according to Nikolai Zhandorov, is the modernization of business processes, their improvement and automation. A striking example is a taxi ordering service, of which there are quite a few. However, not all provide a good level of service and competent service. The future lies in models that involve the study of consumer experience, wishes and the organization of a high-class level of order fulfillment.

Another area worth paying close attention is the e-commerce segment. Its rapid development will not take long. According to Nikolai Zhandorov, we will be able to observe the growth of mobile commerce by 20-25% by the end of this year, and in 3 years this figure will reach 40-70%. In addition, the share of e-commerce in retail will continue to increase. Soon the model of the work of the usual real stores will not be able to give the previous results of efficiency. The strategy will be in demand, implying active sales both on real sites and on virtual ones. One approach will not work. In other words, the continuation of the development of online stores is obvious.

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According to Nikolay Chumak, the founder of IDNT, many innovations today are created in order to solve artificial problems, but not the ones that exist in reality. As an example, we can consider the development of banks in the world. The entire range of current services focuses on how a customer spends his money. In fact, the main problem lies in how to make this money, but it is almost not affected.

Nikolai Chumak argues that IT needs to be used to create customer experience and improve service standards.

In the world there are several important trends in the introduction of technology in the business. The first of them is the change of service models. All services are gradually becoming online. Abroad, for example, video conferences and chat rooms are used to communicate with customers and bank managers, regardless of locations. This greatly facilitates cooperation.

The second trend is the improvement of service models. If you pay attention to the same banks, in America they are gradually losing the signs of a conventional financial institution and are becoming more and more like coworking and coffee houses, where you can work and get advice from a manager. The main target audience of such companies are startups and businessmen.

The third trend is the combination of online and offline. Amazon has already introduced these innovations. She skillfully combines retail on the Internet, where you can place an order, and sales in real shopping centers or showrooms, where you can try out products. Tesla is not far behind. This company relies on user awareness of products using the Internet and only then invites to real stores in order to make a purchase.

However, it should be borne in mind that such innovations have a number of nuances. First of all, they relate to changes in the organizational structure. And secondly, they require consumer studies, customer experience and market wishes.

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