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Freelance Market 2015: Global Trend or Ukrainian Phenomenon?

In 2014, the volume of the Ukrainian freelance market in terms of earnings of freelancers was estimated at more than $ 60 million.

Today, Ukraine is the main global supplier of talented IT professionals. Abroad, Ukrainian freelancers are highly appreciated, as they do their job efficiently and responsibly, and also strive to work on interesting projects. In addition, it is worth noting that in 2014 the volume of the Ukrainian freelancing market in terms of freelancers’ earnings was estimated at more than $ 60 million. Why our country is experiencing a freelance boom now, and about the peculiarities of freelancers in Ukraine, UBR learned. ua.

The boom of freelancing in Ukraine
The popularity of freelancing and distant work is a global trend of recent years. “In Western countries, it started earlier – this is due to the earlier spread of the Internet in Europe and the USA. As a result, one third of the population in the US, one way or another, is already working remotely, including freelancers. In Europe, from 2000 to 2010 the number of freelancers has grown by 82%, ”said Valentin Zyuzin, a representative of the specialized service for freelancers at Freelancehunt.

Now boom is going through countries with less developed economies, which reached a stable Internet – India, the Philippines, the countries of the former USSR, etc., including Ukraine.

The possibility of hiring and doing online work has accelerated the growth of the global freelancing market. “Independent specialists from all over the world earn over $ 1 trillion per year. In the USA, for example, the share of freelancers is up to 34% of the total workforce. Only at Upwork, freelancers earn more than $ 1 billion per year and they themselves decide where, when and how to work for them, ”added Upwork country manager Katerina Bozhkova.

According to her, the movement of people refusing to join the office plankton in favor of freelancing has gradually gained momentum over the past two years. Today, this movement is growing at the speed of “snowball” and has millions of freelancers around the world.

“First, remote collaboration reduces costs. Freelancers help get rid of more than half of the costs associated with equipping workplaces, renting additional space, etc. In addition, they are often more efficient than staff in the state, since paying happens for specific work, and not for time spent in the office with varying degrees of efficiency. Among the advantages, there is no need to provide social guarantees, pay vacation pay and sick leave, pay taxes for the freelancer “, – Byasnyn Valentine Zyuzin.

Secondly, he added, freelancing has many obvious advantages for the freelancers themselves. Freelancers can be in their homeland or in exotic countries and cooperate with customers from all over the world without leaving their place of residence.

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He himself can choose those orders over which he wants to work – and to find the order itself is not difficult, since for this there are specialized resources on which customers and performers meet. A freelancer does not spend time (and money) on a trip to and from the office, as it can work anywhere – at home, in co-working, under a palm tree on the ocean, etc., the main condition is good internet.

The most attractive market for hiring freelancers
Today, Ukraine is the most attractive European market for hiring talented freelancers and the fourth largest market in the world in terms of earnings of freelancers. And the most popular technical skills are web development, development of mobile applications and software.

“Educational institutions of Ukraine annually produce about 16 thousand IT specialists. Thus, Ukraine is the main global supplier of talented IT specialists,” said Katerina Bozhkova.

But in addition to excellent technical education and serious mathematical training, there is also a cultural side to the worldwide popularity of Ukrainian engineers. “The culture of Ukrainians is very close to the culture of Western Europe. This fact allows Ukrainians to successfully cooperate with clients representing both companies from the Fortune-500 list and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses from such English-speaking countries as the USA, Great Britain and EU countries” she explains

In 2014, the volume of the Ukrainian freelance market in terms of earnings of freelancers was estimated at more than $ 60 million.
In addition, our country is in the second time zone, which makes it easier to work with freelancers from Ukraine compared to other regions, for example, Asian countries.

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