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Corporate site: necessity or excess?

Every year the Internet is increasingly penetrating our lives. Not so long ago – in the mid-2000s, the Internet in the office was more of a curiosity than a necessity, and, until now, many old-fashioned institutions did not get the Internet – they believe that they simply don’t need a network. Is it really? To answer the question, you need to understand what the company requires from the site. The main reason for creating a website for a company is to attract customers and increase sales. To do this, you need to focus on several aspects:

The site is an excellent replacement for the bored advertising brochures and catalogs of the company’s services. In one place you can concentrate all the necessary information – the range of services provided by the company, contact information, documents confirming the solidity of the company. In addition, the information on the site is easily updated, unlike printed booklets, and the content of the site requires much less capital investment.

A modern person checks all information on the Internet, whether it is a weather forecast, gossip or information about a supplier of building materials. And since there must be absolutely everything on the Internet, the lack of information will cause reasonable concern. In our information age, any company must keep up with the times and do not forget about the Internet. The site is akin to the office, only in the information space. But a company without an office is nonsense.

The site is an ideal platform for selling goods and services. And even those that do not fit in the truck delivery service. A potential buyer must necessarily be able to select, compare and ask the price of goods without leaving your home or office. With quality promotion, the site is able to attract tens of thousands of visitors per day. Not every one of them will acquire your product, but information about the company is already stored in his memory. And there, you see, or he will tell his friends, or he will gain something in the future.

These three aspects outline only general trends for corporate sites; for each individual case, you need to develop your own strategy. Consider a few situations and try to understand the approaches to creating your own online representation.

Any more or less experienced Internet user probably met with this abbreviation. If not, we explain: SMM means Social Media Marketing, that is, marketing in social networks. Some entrepreneurs live only at the expense of social networks – with the advent of groups and public groups, there was no need to create separate sites for small online stores. In addition, social networks allow customers to contact directly with the seller, in contrast to traditional stores. According to research, more than 80% of small business owners use social networks to promote their product. Indisputable plus SMM – a relatively low budget, because the main link SMM – an advanced and competent specialist. It is important to focus on your product, but do not go to extremes – neither to a boring description of product characteristics, nor to a senseless stream of “funny” pictures. To attract the attention of the audience to your product, you can sometimes organize promotions and contests with prizes and gifts.

There are many seminars on SMM and Internet marketing, where you will learn how to improve the effectiveness of your website or page without much effort.

State sites
Not enough developed, but very necessary segment of the Internet. It happened so that the bureaucracy for some reason does not fall into one system with technical progress. Domestic state institutions will not introduce electronic document management, electronic queue is still rare in all sorts of councils and administrations. The same with sites – they are, but their effectiveness is not always high. There are also pleasant exceptions – for example, the Kiev portal 1551, where city residents can leave their complaints and suggestions regarding the life of the capital. Appeals are considered by officials and implemented by the relevant public utilities within one to two weeks.

Every day we answer this question, explaining the essence of the events in the evening newsletter UBR

In the past few years, Facebook accounts of officials have become an alternative to the websites of state institutions – there you can talk directly with an official, take part in the discussion in the comments. The most interesting discussions, of course, are those statesmen who themselves lead their page and respond to comments.

The site of the company
For a large company that has long been represented on the market, a quality website is equally a matter of prestige and necessity.

The primary responsibility of the corporate website is to increase the efficiency of work with customers and partners, as well as reduce its cost.

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