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Key “P” efficient business

Today there are a huge number of different models of increasing business profitability and increasing sales.

We will talk about 9 key P efficient and, most importantly, profitable business.

Most likely, you know about 4 P sales:
– promise (romise),
– picture (picture),
– confirmation (Рroof)
– payment (Payoff).

This method of sales is very effective. However, there are 9 P that can seriously affect the success of your business. This is similar to management reporting. A periodic evaluation can give a business owner an insight into how much profit has grown or dropped over a fixed period of time.


Program. Create and write a working business model. One that can bring stable and long-term income with an acceptable level of investment and risk.
Product. Try to sell the product / service that is easy to sell at the beginning, and even easier – later. In other words, you need to sell people what they want at a price that they can afford. And these are 2 very important points.
Perspectives. How can you sell more? The answer is obvious: you need new customers and maximum loyalty to existing customers. Moreover, you need a number of buyers that will satisfy your long-term goals. They must generate income. How and where to find such buyers? Mailing? Web sites? Search by keyword? Phone calls? You decide. But you should remember: the search for potential customers is a serious, permanent job for any business.
Sentence. Each market is unique. Also products. Determining how to sell your product to a specific market segment is your top priority. Until you do this, you will not be able to make a profit. And another thing: you and your employees should even understand and know your main competitive advantage – your customers must know about it!
Manufacturers. Any business, no matter what it produces, where it is located or how automated it is – depends on the people who generate and maintain its income. Business support in the simplest way is provided by hiring, promotions, training and nurturing a team of key people who can work efficiently. In other words, produce your profits. First you need to find them, continue to motivate correctly, and even further – just hold.
Promotion. Finding the right offer for your product is just the first step in sales. In order for the business to continue to make a profit, you must continue to conduct successful promotions (offers that attract attention, give benefits to customers, and convince them to buy your products). A business that does not conduct regular quality promotions is doomed to low incomes or even to failure.

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7-9. Procedures, protocols and processes. If the first six Ps are taken into account, your business will never face low sales. But if you do not have an efficient operational activity – taking orders, fulfilling orders, maintaining accounting / reporting, customer databases or customer services – your income will always be only half of what they could be.

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