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Uninvented story: as a business newcomer to get the first customers
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7 frankly wrong reasons to become an entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur becomes such, based on their own reasons. Most of them claim that they were guided by their vocation, passion for this activity, or decided to deal with the problem they had to face. However, sometimes it happens that the path of entrepreneurship is wrong for some people, as they are clearly not in their place. The consequences of this can be both a loss of money and some disappointment, after which it is very hard to get back on your feet and climb the career ladder.

A true entrepreneur is easily recognized by how and what he says, says business coach Mark Sefton. “Your approach to business is such that you aim at inspiring, encouraging, informing, benefiting? Or is it purely advertising and selling your products and services, while being clumsy, compare an elephant in a china shop? A successful and viable business should be built entirely for people, “says Mr. Sefton.

The American dream is not the same: why is opening a business a goal and how to realize it?
Uninvented story: as a business newcomer to get the first customers
Motivation is crucial when it comes to starting a business, and if you do it based on misconceptions and erroneous reasons, you will not succeed. You should not consider this type of activity as entrepreneurship if your main incentive is included in the following list.

You only want to get rich
“Do not open your own business, if the only thing you want to get from it is money. When you run a business, you ensure yourself long hours of work for very little money before you can feel a return,” the founders of Frill Clothing warn Sharon Bui and Kate Stedman.

It is fashionable
“Do not start your business simply by following the trend. It will not help you stay afloat for a long time,” says Sara Divine Garba, founder of Maison D’Afie.

You want to take responsibility
“Do not become a businessman for social status. Entrepreneurship sometimes looks like an elitist occupation only among members of the management club. After all, the purpose of starting a business is not to write a loud position on a business card, but to solve actual problems,” the founder said Headbands of Hope Jessica Ekström.

“If you are good at some occupation, this is undoubtedly a positive thing and it helps, but the most important thing is that you have a vision of where you are going and what you want to come to as a result. Without this, your company can easily be caught off guard or changes, even if you offer excellent products or services, ”warns the founder of Plumeria Swimwear, Gabrielle Kaimon.

You want to prove someone wrong
“Insult is also a great motivator, but if you want to create something strong and persistent, it must come from your passions, passions, skills and desire to truly serve people, consumers and customers. Creating an enterprise as a way to prove your point view more or take revenge in the previously lost battle is not the right approach in terms of the consumer value of the business, “- says business coach Mark Sefton.

You want to enter a small market
“The main reason why you can open your business is the opportunity to go to the market that you see. To satisfy the needs of clients, the business, among other things, should be scalable. You should not run your own business if it does not imply scaling up in the future,” states Energems CEO Brian Stritt.

You have chosen a very narrow specialization.
“Starting your own business, based on the idea of ​​offering a very narrow range, is the stupid reason for the stratum. Even if you have decided to restore very rare violins, you still need to do the same accounting, marketing and pay taxes,” the founder of FIGI Jeans Diana Carlton.

All these warnings are not empty words, because people who have already found themselves and reached heights in their own business know what they are talking about. And the general conclusion is as follows: potential businessmen need to weigh the pros and cons, compare their capabilities with their ambitions, evaluate their motivation, and only after that make a decision that can make you either a successful person or a disappointed loser.

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