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10 things that great entrepreneurs do
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“Working” business tips from 25 millionaires

This material contains non-standard tips from 25 millionaires from around the world. Therefore, if the advice like “follow your heart”, “give up 110%” and the like do not cause you any response, then our article is for you. Since such words as “do not overstrain” and “relax” at least just nice to hear).

In fact, below are good advice from successful personalities, in many respects simply the best, and most importantly non-trivial.

So:Richard Branson: “Never feel sorry for what you have done, grab something new.”
“The amount of time people spend on regretting mistakes made instead of investing their energy in another project has always amazed me,” said the creator and chairman of The Virgin Group in an interview with The Good Enterpreneur.
“Whatever I do in business, I always get pleasure from it. After all, past failures are not a negative experience at all, but just a lesson that needs to be learned.”

Eric Schmidt: “Say yes more often”
In the book “The Best Tips I Received,” Katie Couric quotes Google Executive Director Eric Schmidt:

“Find a way to say something“ yes. ”Say“ yes ”in response to invitations to a new country, say“ yes ”to meeting new people, say“ yes ”to learning something new.“ Yes ”is thanks to what you got your first job, get the next one, get married and even have children. ”

Warren Buffet: “Practice restraint and composure”
In 2010, in an interview with Yahoo, the head of Berkshire Hathaway, Warrren Buffet, admitted that he received the best advice in his life from a member of the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway, Thomas Murphy. He told Buffett:

“Warren, never forget that tomorrow you can send someone to hell. Nobody will take that right away from you. But today just hold your tongue to see if you want to do the same tomorrow.”

Speaking at the last annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Buffett also said that the secret of friendly relations and mutual understanding in the team lies in learning how to change their behavior by aligning them with reputable people and assimilating their best qualities.

Maya Angelow: “Go your way”
In her book, The Best Tips I Received, Katie Couric quotes a writer, dancer, actress, and singer Maya Angelou:

“My grandmother, Anna Henderson, gave me advice, which I have been using for 65 years. She said:” If the world has sent you to a path that you don’t like, and you look ahead, but don’t want to go to the end, while not wanting back to the start, get out of the way. Build a new path. ”

JK Rowling: Accept Fail
JK Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter book series, knows a lot about achieving success and failures.

“I think we’re not talking enough about failures,” said Rowling on one of the shows on NBC. It would be great if someone successful in his time came to me and said: “You will suffer failure. It is inevitable. You have to go through this.”

Before Rowling became one of the richest women in the world, she was a single mother living on the edge of poverty. She began writing about Harry Potter, now her most famous character, wandering around Edinburgh Cafe. Joan received a series of rejections from publishers when she first sent the manuscript of the book.

“My incredibly short marriage came to an end, and I remained an unemployed single mother, as poor as possible in modern Britain. Fortunately, I had a roof over my head … In every sense, my life was the greatest failure you can imagine.” – Rowling said during a solemn speech at Harvard University in 2008.

She continued to speak, confessing that she considered the early failures to be a “gift” that was received at a “high price” because she gained invaluable knowledge about herself and her relationships with people only after she had endured the misfortune.

Arianna Huffington: “Do not overstrain”
Last year, on LinkedIn, the chief editor of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, said she was often asked if young people, in pursuit of a dream, should work up a sweat?

“This is complete nonsense,” she wrote. “Over the years we have come under the influence of the erroneous opinion that hard work is a mandatory payment for achieving success.”

She says that she would like to go back in time and tell herself a younger one: “Arianna, your affairs can improve not only through hard work, but also because you loosen up, free yourself and renew yourself.”

Marissa Mayer: “Take hold of something and make it successful.”
In 2011, in an interview with Social Times, Yahoo President Marissa Mayer spoke about the best advice she received:

“My friend Andre told me:” You know, Marissa, you are too worried trying to make the right choice. Frankly speaking, I do not see the right choice in this situation. I see several excellent options, one of which you can stop at and make it successful. “

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