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Is it worth it to open a travel company

When the next wave of crisis comes, quite a few intelligent specialists become not very busy. And remembering that a crisis is not only a threat, but also an opportunity, they decide to start their own business.

Business tourism seems very attractive for active, thinking, experienced people.

What arguments in favor of this choice I hear from them most often. First, the ease of entry into the business – almost a minimum of documents, the minimum investment. In principle, a month after this idea occurred to me, one can begin to serve customers.

Secondly, the apparent ease of doing business. Still traveled, that there is incomprehensible? Look for customers, book services for them, get paid.

Thirdly, the creative component of the process: you can think of something, create interesting trips, travel the world, get to know different people.

Fourth, a fairly small initial investment. Unless of course, do not forget that the break-even point is usually reached in the second year of life and the investments are stretched in time. But nonetheless.

And finally, most likely the business is very profitable, otherwise how could so many travel agencies survive – at least 2 agencies in each house.

Do not think that I will now debunk these myths, tell the opposite side – about which for many years I have learned quite a bit. I believe that the road will be mastered by going and amateurs in a new business are sometimes much easier than “professionals who know everything.” I just want to give some advice on what you should pay attention to those who still decide to engage in the tourism business.

Now there is a great opportunity to buy a cheap travel agency. Literally buying out their debts that have accumulated over the months of low activity related to events in Ukraine. Yes, and in installments. Really willing to sell their travel agency now hundreds. It’s just that Ukraine doesn’t have a tool for professional selling a business, and it’s not widely accepted to inform this decision widely. And these are not only startups that were born in 2013 and did not have time to take off before the crisis began, but also companies with solid market experience.

What to buy from them? The client base (be sure to check its relevance with the usual selective calling), the base of contracts with partners, technology of working with clients, intangible assets – permits, trademarks, websites, franchises, CRM and other software, tangible assets – chairs, tables, computers and etc. More from the average travel agency there is nothing to buy. Often, the “selling argument” business owners consider their professional managers, directors. But, as you understand, this is a very unreliable asset. No one will guarantee that you will work with them or they will work together. And slavery was abolished.

We will write some news only for mailing. You will not meet them on the site UBR.ua, and can only receive a letter if you subscribe to us.

Buying a ready-made agency, you skip the stage of bureaucratic procedures and the agonizing wait of the first customers. But, of course, you get many other nuances, for example, the collective’s resistance to innovation, etc.

The next tip concerns choosing a business model that you will implement. The fact is that right now the tourist market is very much changing the rules of the game, the look, the main players. And now trying to copy the model of the work of agencies that quite possibly live out their time and are themselves looking for someone to sell is not entirely correct. I have devoted a separate article in my blog to the trends of the tourist market and I am sure that she will give you some thoughts.

What you need to do in order to choose the best model.

Examine all available models. To do this, talk with practitioners, read articles on this topic, visit several successful and not very good companies. Go to America to study the technology of work of travel agencies. This will be the best investment. We are several years behind them, but this will mean that you are investing in the future, and not in the past and the passing.
Answer the question: what are my talents personally? What do I do best, what do I get the most pleasure from? And try to make it the basis of your business. For example, you most love to travel with friends. You are great at organizing everything, thinking things through, and in addition, you are still an interesting conversationalist and reliable companion. There is a model of a travel agency, when the owner several times a year gathers like-minded groups and travels around the world with them. On this and earns. Then he finds a couple more of the same, divide the cost of the office, etc. and continue in the same vein.

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