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How to become a talented leader

Seven tips on how to become the most beloved boss. There are very few talented managers in the world, and even less gifted managers. But, if you wish, you can learn everything, transfer

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Talented executives play 10 why. They do not get tired of asking questions to verify the correctness of the chosen strategy.

Good bosses advocate a different opinion solely in order to “get” maximum ideas out of their subordinates. Any unvoiced thought can have a negative impact on the project. It is easy to think that you are right – it hurts your pride. And we need courage to challenge our own experience, knowledge and ideas.

Take responsibility for yourself
A talented leader, if necessary, takes responsibility and even blame for himself. If you need to give a loan, then he gives it for free. In addition, talented managers do not give offense to their subordinates and do not boast of their achievements.

Do not pay attention to generally accepted standards.

The more often you say: “Nobody has done this before,” the more strongly your subordinates want to do this. And the team is recruited accordingly – from people who will never say no, no matter how difficult the task may seem. Of course, it is not easy to lead a rebel team, but this is the only way to challenge stereotypes and come up with something new.

Good bosses defend a different opinion solely in order to “get” maximum ideas out of their subordinates. They are not concerned with failures. They know: what matters is how they cope with these failures. Learn from mistakes. Circumstances change people. Pioneers have the right to stumble when they tread the road for others.

Keep quiet and listen
Malcolm Forbes once said: “The art of speaking is listening.” Some well-known businessmen generally made it a rule not to express their opinions immediately, right off the bat. They sit and listen attentively to what their team members will say, maybe they will ask a couple of questions. After all, it is at this moment that successful ideas and solutions can come. Such bosses do not interrupt anyone and, if necessary, agree with those or other proposals. They say that at such moments it is very difficult to hold back, but still this model of behavior gives a good result. Constantly strive for diversity. Talented managers go out of the zone of personal comfort called “I am always right”, selecting the appropriate team for myself. They constantly strive for diversity of opinions, ages, genders, interests and experiences. The best bosses do not want to see around them an army of people who say “I agree with you.” They want to invent something new and constantly evolve. And this is impossible if one does not understand the advantages that diversity affords.

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Talented leaders do not give offense to their subordinates and do not boast of their achievements. American General George Patton said: “If everyone thinks the same way, then someone does not think.” This is what the true leaders try to prevent when they assemble their team.

Be inquisitive
All outstanding leaders are great innovators. They know that curiosity and interest in new things are the main conditions for success. Snobbery is not peculiar to them – they are aware of the fact that they may not know something. They are smart enough to listen. In addition, such people are very perceptive and well aware that times change and you can not know everything. They constantly say “why” and “why not”, they easily refuse to mentor tone in communicating with young people. They understand that there are things that young professionals know more about.

Talented managers understand how important it is sometimes to disconnect from all affairs and just think. Therefore, for a while they disappear. This makes it possible to break out of the daily routine, to hear something completely new, not having any relation to their profession.

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The best bosses do not want to see around them an army of people who say “I agree with you”

Talented leaders are masters of creating a creative atmosphere. In addition, they are well aware of the limits of their capabilities and feel when their energy is exhausted and when they need recharging.

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