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Facebook rules the market: why is the absence of a company on Facebook a costly mistake?

Perhaps, doing business, you blithely ignored the promotion of your company on social networks, in particular on Facebook. You may have thought that you should not worry about attracting customers who post photos on their pages of selfies, photos from places of entertainment or vacation. In this case, you can “congratulate”: you have made a gross, unforgivable mistake, as the presence of business in this kind of large, gaining, in particular, in our country, the popularity of social networks – a great way to understand potential customers and communicate with them.

Research Language: Why is Facebook important?
The company’s social media page has a huge impact on whether the consumer will choose your products and services. This is stated in a study conducted by G / O Digital, a company engaged in digital marketing. In particular, Facebook significantly influences the opinions of the Millennium generation, whose youth passed in the 2000s. Small businesses should know how to influence their decision-making, stimulate buying goods not only on the Internet, but offline.

According to the research of this company, almost 60% of consumers worldwide between the ages of 18 and 29 interact with Facebook before purchasing the necessary product. In addition, 62% believe that Facebook is the most useful social network that provides information about companies – manufacturers, sellers. Overall, 59% of the younger generation of consumers visit company pages (including small businesses) on Facebook at least once a week.

G / O Digital’s research also showed that, through offers posted on Facebook, businesses have the potential to sell stale goods.

A large number of consumers who constantly turn to Facebook to make a final purchase decision helps business owners in attracting customers, Jeff Feigl said. In particular, this applies to restaurants, beauty salons, educational events, as well as producers. Business representatives need to come to terms with the fact that Facebook is a very important marketing tool, says the expert.

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As in any other country in the world, in Ukraine today, the most active consumer audience are young people, active Internet users and social network frequents. If earlier the younger generation preferred Vkontakte, now, when it has become more “advanced” and active, many have gone to Facebook — a more authoritative social network that corresponds to their interests. However, not all entrepreneurs paid attention to these changes and reacted to them properly.

Now there are a lot of marketing companies offering business promotion services in social networks, particularly on Facebook, which, by the way, offers many opportunities not only for promotion, but also for analyzing the target audience, the market and competitors. In particular, there is a universal application that can tell a lot of interesting things – Allin1Social.

As stated in the data posted on the Allin1Social Facebook application page, the Ukrainian audience of this social network and its dynamics are as follows:

These data suggest that the number of Ukrainian users is growing and already reached no less than 3.2 million people, the application also offers age-specific audience segmentation, which can help in preparing the content of pages, choosing the approach to attract consumers.

In addition, business owners can assess the competitive environment within a social network. Choosing the right industry, it is possible to evaluate the success of competitors: the growth of page popularity, the number of fans, market share and other data. At the same time, it is possible to select the period for which you are interested in information – from one week to six months. Thus, you can compare your work with the achievements of competitors, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and catch up.

For example, this is how the statistics for the last month of the top ten companies represented on Facebook in the Clothes branch looks like:

Thus, having received free information that is publicly available on Facebook, you can safely think of either starting to master this growing social network in our country, or improve the quality of your presence in it. You can establish communication with customers, talk about yourself, your services, place product catalogs, partially provide service through your page, inform customers about contests and promotions, upload their results, test new products and collect feedback about them.

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