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Useful life hack. How to promote an Internet company to Western markets?

Sooner or later, many companies are faced with the problem of the need for growth and development. In this situation, you can choose either the expansion within the same market, or the conquest of new ones. About how Internet companies become a successful player in foreign markets, learned.

Any developing company interested in constant growth, sooner or later thinks about the opportunities and prospects for entering Western markets. The activity abroad opens up new horizons and allows you to significantly increase rates of return. Experts talked about which areas of the Internet business to work with customers in Europe and the USA during iForum-2015. We will present some of the most interesting directions in today’s material.

Is the game worth the candle?
According to Viktor Karpenko, the founder and leader of Seoprofy, is definitely worth it. Moreover, companies operating on the Internet need to expand their business to foreign markets as quickly as possible. Such activity will allow to receive income in foreign currency, strengthen the position of companies and increase investment inflows to Ukraine.

Among the possible areas of work with foreign clients, Viktor Karpenko considers the following options:
information sites;
Information sites are sites with useful and practical content that is interesting both to a wide audience and to narrow specialists. This includes, for example, well-known blogs, which, according to Viktor Karpenko’s estimates, with the right approach, in half a year have every chance of starting to generate a good income. The only nuance of this direction is high competition from foreign companies, as well as impressive requirements for the content of the information site. Obviously, the articles must be original and copyrighted. In addition, the chosen topic plays a significant role (it is better to pay attention to niche areas, where the leader in which to become much easier), the number of words (the optimal variant is from 2000 to 3000 words), the presence of accompanying photo and video materials.

Also, in addition to content, it is necessary to take into account aspects of competent promotion. According to Viktor Karpenko, it is worth using the opportunities of contextual advertising and partner cooperation. Otherwise, the question of monetization can be a stumbling block to the development of the project.

Sites-services are all kinds of portals that provide services to their customers. These include photobanks, SEO services, financial and management systems. Among the advantages of such systems, according to Viktor Karpenko, it is worth noting:

certainty, because the service is a finished product with which you can work;
possibility of scaling and localization under the country;
no need to recruit a large staff;
By cons, in turn, include:
the need for continuous improvement;
the permanent issue of upgrading and improving the product;
high cost.

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