Shopping instead of talking: how to establish communication between the company and the client
Everything is changing dynamically and quickly: the world, people, forms of communication. With the development…

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Tell STOP "burning time": how to effectively organize yourself
There are two types of people: the first ones like to keep track of where…


How to become a talented leader
Seven tips on how to become the most beloved boss. There are very few talented…

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Key "P" efficient business
Today there are a huge number of different models of increasing business profitability and increasing…

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Forget about vacation

Corporate site: necessity or excess?

Every year the Internet is increasingly penetrating our lives. Not so long ago – in the mid-2000s, the Internet in the office was more of a curiosity than a necessity, and, until now, many old-fashioned institutions did not get the Internet – they believe that they simply don’t need a network. Is it really? To answer the question, you need to understand what the company requires from the site. Continue reading

Useful life hack. How to promote an Internet company to Western markets?

Sooner or later, many companies are faced with the problem of the need for growth and development. In this situation, you can choose either the expansion within the same market, or the conquest of new ones. About how Internet companies become a successful player in foreign markets, learned. Continue reading

20 quotes of famous people about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not a job, it is a lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs are a separate caste of people who are not afraid of challenging themselves and the rest of the world and bring every started business to the end. They are characterized by high self-esteem, riskiness, aggressiveness and a high level of intelligence. Continue reading