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Канализация в доме и квартире
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Successes and failures of crowdfunding: examples, causes, investigations
Despite the fact that crowdfunding in the Internet business has existed for about 15 years, the real success and relevance to this method of attracting investment came relatively recently. Many…

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5 small business mistakes when creating a company website

Before creating a website – it was a proven way for a company to stand out from the crowd. Today, this is no longer an option, since the vast majority of enterprises, including representatives of small businesses, can put a tick in the list of such “achievements”. Given the new conditions of the game, you need to create not just a site, but a good, functional site. At the same time, an unattractive, unremarkable site on which it is difficult to navigate may harm the company rather than bring any benefit to it.

Based on many years of experience working with small businesses and startups, David Chen, CEO of Strikingly, knows exactly what businesses need when it comes to their presence on the Internet. His advice on how to create your own website, especially without bothering, can be useful to those who want to build the right company presence strategy on the network.

Based on this, David Chen developed a list of small business bugs that should be avoided when launching a website.

Usually, in order to reach the necessary information or to open the necessary page of the site, the user needs to walk around the beat for a long time, clicking on all new and new links. All this clearly does not improve the attitude of the client towards the company. Each click requires a page refresh, which for a few seconds, or even more time, remains just a white screen. All this is waiting, annoyance. Care must be taken to ensure that the user’s path to the necessary information is as short and convenient as possible.

Difficulties in updating

Over time, any site needs to be updated. Sometimes in this case there may be unforeseen obstacles. Businesses that are forced to pay hired companies to update their website will end up spending a fortune and may even be left without access to important files. Based on such threats, it is necessary at the very beginning of the creation of the site to make it possible to update it yourself or on recommendations.

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Now many business and not only people are accustomed to the fact that they can get quick and convenient access to the necessary resource through mobile devices. Sometimes the site, opening on the phone or tablet, can be distorted, long loaded. Therefore, an entrepreneur, in parallel with the creation of a regular website, needs to take care of its mobile version. However, it should be different from the main resource, have a different interface.

Complex wording

Difficulties of perception of information – many users face this problem when visiting sites of some enterprises. Most of the sites, in particular those related to business topics, simply do not explain what they mean by posting materials that are difficult to understand for unprepared users. Large amounts of information, which is boring and inexpressive, is tiring and time-consuming to decipher them. Calling people to action, in this case, for example, to use the offered services, should be clear and understandable, and not confuse a potential client.

Excessive content

A screen filled with text may look too congested, and the information will simply “press on the eyes.” To avoid this, you need to place on the pages of short informative texts, and for their better structuring, you can use bulleted lists or multimedia content – the second will always be a winning option.

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