10 ways to always be in money
Anyway, much in modern life depends on money. Housing, most services, health - for all…

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10 things that great entrepreneurs do
1. Choose one thing and be strong in it. Startups are small. Resources are limited.…


Key "P" efficient business
Today there are a huge number of different models of increasing business profitability and increasing…

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How to become an unforgettable leader
“I remember all my superiors,” writes Jeff Hayden in Inc.com magazine. “Although some of them…

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although they still

Anti-crisis PR: how to promote a company and not to burn?

The crisis is the most difficult time for companies, during which it is important for any business to maintain its position and, if possible, strengthen it. Do not lose the audience and not drown in tons of news and every second updated social network feeds. Experts discussed this problem in the framework of “Surely a PR-marathon”, which took place on February 12. For the most interesting and practical advice on confronting the information crisis for companies, read our material. Continue reading

9 bad habits that will help in business

1. Attention to detail
Entrepreneurs think big, often ignoring the details. When you run a home business, it’s easy to manually control every letter, count every cent, but when your business scales, attention to detail eats up most of your time. I am a man of great ideas, so I hire staff who cover all weaknesses. Continue reading